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Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Created
#4 COM Error: Member not found None None defect 05/15/07
#8 keys can be tuples None None defect 12/25/09
#9 Supybot Personality Plugin None None defect 04/04/10
#10 Sbcglobal Help Call 800-545-7482 Sbcglobal customer support phone number Sbcglobal Toll Free @(800-545-7482)@ Sbcglobal Technical Support phone Number, None None defect 06/08/16
#12 ram was not in bed None None defect 11/02/16
#1 PyConquer needs a "critical section" class None None defect fumanchu * 03/14/06
#6 mounting dowser somewhere other than root break links None None defect 09/12/08
#5 [DOWSER] Python objects sizes None None enhancement 09/09/08
#7 Problem with Python2.6/CherryPy3.1.1 ? None None defect 04/08/09
#3 Guiness i ciekawostki & Księga Guinnessa None None enhancement 06/23/06
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