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HTTP Drop Box

The httpdrop package provides a "drop box" in a web browser. It uses CherryPy 3, and allows you to "mount" multiple drop boxes at arbitrary URL's for arbitrary filesystem paths. It can also be used standalone (in the sense that you still need CherryPy 3, but you don't have to hook it into an existing CP application).

You can browse the source code here: source:/httpdrop.


  • In-page (AJAX) expanding tree view of folders
  • Rename and delete files
  • Move files with drag-and-drop (with auto-scrolling window)
  • Different icons based on file extension
  • Auto-unzip uploads
  • Protection against uplevel filesystem attacks (like "../../")
  • Clean, compact API (Python + CherryPy) separate from the view (HTML + Javascript + AJAX)
  • Tested on Firefox 1.5 and Internet Explorer 6

Future Improvements (feel free to contribute ;)

  • Create, move, delete, rename folders
  • Thumbnail view
  • Grid view