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The httprepl module provides a Read-Eval-Print Loop (sometimes called an "interactive interpreter") in a web browser. It uses CherryPy, and therefore allows you to debug and administer any running CherryPy server and all of its applications. It can also be used standalone (in the sense that you still need CherryPy, but you don't have to hook it into an existing CP application).

You can see the module here: source:/ To install, you'll also need source:/httprepl.html


  • Full access to all syntax and loaded objects. Set or update the HTTPREPL.locals dict to add more.
  • Word wrap
  • Double-click any history item to copy it into the input buffer
  • Up-arrow and down-arrow keys navigate through the command history
  • Calltips (including full docstring) and attribute tips

Future Improvements (feel free to contribute ;)

  • Provide a "break into running code" option
  • Add support for other web frameworks
  • Auto-complete attributes as you type
  • Make the whole thing more customizable (layout, CSS, compile behavior, etc)
  • Write lines to a file as you push them--build an app on the fly!