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Miscellaneous Projects

  • Okapi: an in-browser API browser.
  • Recur: a module which models recurring events, and generates dates in a series.
  • ModPythonGateway: a WSGI wrapper for mod_python 3.1 (and therefore Apache 2).
  • ASPGateway: a WSGI wrapper for IIS/ASP.
  • Alamode: a helper module for web applications. Does coercion and quoting, mostly.
  • PyConquer: a tool to help understand and debug concurrent code.
  • HTTPREPL: run a Python Read-Eval-Print Loop (REPL) in a web browser.
  • HTTPDrop: a "drop box" for HTTP. Compact API with a nice basic front-end.
  • Dowser: a CherryPy? app that displays sparklines of Python object counts, and allows you to trace their referents. This helps you track memory usage and leaks in any Python program, but especially CherryPy? sites.

Subversion for the miscellaneous projects is at


Dejavu and GeniuSQL have their own licenses. All "Miscellaneous" works are in the public domain; however, if you'd prefer a less permissive license, they are also available under a BSD-like license.